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    Anaheim Mobile Mechanic is your trusted source for mobile auto repair services in the city of  Anaheim and neighboring areas since 2014.  The greatest advantage we provide to our customers is our on-call and onsite mechanic services, which means you’ll enjoy the benefit of having a trained mobile auto repair technician work on your vehicle at the comfort of your home, work, or whatever.  We offer a huge number of auto repair solutions, so whatever type of problem you're facing with your vehicle, we're the most reliable mobile mechanic service provider you’ll find.  Even if you're not completely sure what sort of repair your vehicle requires, we're there to help you with diagnostic and inspection solutions.  They’ll provide you with a crystal clear picture of the status of your vehicle or truck and help to ensure that we make the proper repair.

    Mobile Mechanic Anaheim

    When you're searching for a certified mobile auto repair mechanic in Anaheim, we're thrilled to tell you that you found us.  Our team is experienced in handling all kinds of automobile repair demands.  So in the event that you're facing a problem with your car, we're the perfect company to contact in the Anaheim area.  It's our goal for you to save both money and time repairing your vehicle. 

    When you choose Anaheim Mobile Mechanic to work on your car or truck, you can always expect fair and transparent prices.  We'll explain to you in detail what sort of repair your vehicle requires and stand by our estimate.  This means you won't need to worry about any inconvenient changes throughout the repair procedure.  A variety of our clients prefer a mobile auto repair service because whenever they partner with us on their car or truck repairs, they enjoy lower costs compared to taking their vehicle to a brick and mortar mechanic shop.  Naturally, there's the simplicity of getting your vehicle repaired at your home or place of work.  But there's a lot more.  You see..... we are aware your vehicle is a vital expense of yours and because of this, we handle it with attention and respect.  When you utilize our automobile repair services, you can be sure that your customer experience is our number one priority, and we'll do everything we can to fix your vehicle quickly at an affordable cost.

    One of the chief benefits of our auto mechanic solutions is that we offer our customers a very flexible schedule to make sure that we're available at a time that’s convenient for you.  

    Anaheim Mobile Mechanic is nicely equipped to manage nearly all automobile repair solutions, meaning you can be sure that as soon as you get in contact with us, we will arrive wherever your car is located ready to resolve your vehicle issue and get you back on the road fast.  As soon as you try our mobile mechanic services, you will wonder why you have been taking your car to a physical mechanic shop all these years.

    Anaheim Auto Repair Services

    Car Battery Replacement

    It is most likely no surprise to you that your car’s battery along with different parts of the electrical system are extremely important components of your vehicle. If you don't address the first symptoms of an electrical problem, it could quickly escalate to something more damaging, so be sure you get in touch with us if you notice any weird issues connected to your car battery. It might be the failure of the alternator, but in other circumstances the replacement of the car battery might also be required. Our trained mechanics will look into the root cause of the matter and make sure your vehicle's condition is restored as quickly as possible.

    Mobile auto repair mechanic changing truck battery in Anaheim

    Alternator Replacement

    One of the causes of a dead battery is a bad alternator.  If your alternator stops charging your battery, it will quickly die and leave you stranded. When you have issues with your car not starting and you're not sure what the problem is, call Anaheim Mobile Mechanic and have us conduct a diagnostic assessment of your electrical system and determine exactly what your problem is.  If we make the determination that your alternator needs replacing, we'll give you a price and credit you back any time left over from your diagnostic assessment into the labor time needed to replace your alternator.   

    Photo of mobile auto repair mechanic changing truck alternator in Anaheim.

    Brake Job

    Evidently, if your brakes are not functioning flawlessly, you put yourself, your passengers, and your car in real danger.  Assessing the brakes is just a part of the routine procedural steps of our mobile repair techs, so during the inspection, we will let you know if your vehicle needs any sort of brake servicing.  If you observe any hint that your brake system is not functioning properly or is making grinding sounds, let us know and we will find out precisely what the matter is and we’ll repair the problematic system components.  The obvious sign is if your brake warning light is on.  In this situation, you really need to turn to an experienced mechanic to inspect your vehicle’s brake system.

    Mobile auto repair mechanic installing new brake pads in the caliper of a disc brake job.

    Oil Change

    If you would love to do your car a big favor, be certain to have the oil changed regularly.  It is essential that the engine’s moving parts get properly lubricated since this contributes dramatically to prolong the lifespan of your car’s engine.  This is sometimes combined with other regular mechanic servicing, so check the owner’s manual and make sure that you keep up with scheduled maintenance.  This will ensure the reliability of your car and help to eliminate unwanted breakdowns.  You and your car will be thankful for this.

    Motor oil being added to a vehicle engine after an oil change by a mobile auto repair technician.

    AC Service

    You don’t have to have working AC in your vehicle, but it sure makes driving it a lot more pleasant.  Especially out here in Anaheim, where the summer temps can easily get over 100 degrees outside.  Driving a car without working AC can be a real pain and make the driving experience a miserable one.  This makes AC repairs a big priority for most drivers.   If your car’s AC system isn’t working or is just blowing out hot air, call our mobile auto repair gurus and we’ll sort out whether you have an AC compressor problem, a leak in your system’s refrigerant, or other things.  Whatever the problem is, we’ll conduct a diagnostic assessment and find out precisely what the problem is and then get it repaired so you can drive a cool car once again. 

    Automobile air conditioning refrigerant being added as part of AC servicing by mobile auto repair tech.

    Scheduled Maintenance

    We just can't stress it enough how significant routine upkeep is for maintaining your car or truck.  It’s possible to save a lot of trouble by getting your car checked out each year so we’re able to catch issues early on, address problems before they turn into big repairs, and save you a very substantial sum in automobile repair costs.  The vehicle manufacturer establishes guidelines on when specific components of your automobile need to be adjusted or replaced, but we are able to conduct inspections to assess your car’s various systems and then make recommendations when certain elements are worn out and have to be corrected.

    Automotive air filter replacement during routine servicing by Anaheim Mobile Mechanic.

    Engine Repairs

    Oftentimes, once the check engine light is on, it may be somewhat late and your automobile repair costs could be significant.  Therefore it's essential that you get your auto's engine checked out regularly to be sure that more severe issues are averted.  The engine is the core of your car and it requires attention and care in order to operate properly.  If you hear strange noises coming from under the hood, make sure you contact Anaheim Mobile Mechanic.

    A vehicle engine's valve cover gasket being replaced by a mobile auto repair mechanic in Anaheim.

    Spark Plugs and Ignition Coil

    Spark plugs and their wires should be inspected and replaced at regular intervals.  Manufacturers specify the time frame for this and those time periods vary.  When your spark plugs or wires go bad, the spark that ignites the fuel in your engine's cylinders won't happen properly and your car will run rough, backfire, or be down on power.  Spark plugs are a cheap and easy maintenance item, so make sure you stay abreast of the replacement schedule.

    Photo of mobile mechanic replacing a car's spark plugs.

    Pre-Purchase Inspection

    We all know the feeling when you want to purchase a used vehicle, but you are not certain if it's the ideal buy for you. You ask yourself,  “Is there a mobile mechanic near me in Anaheim to perform an inspection before I actually buy it?”  The great thing is that there is.  You can always depend on us.  We will conduct a pre-purchase review at the current location of the vehicle and give you a detailed assessment of the various systems of the car as well as its overall condition.  This will save you a great deal of money and headaches later on and give you the confidence that you made the correct purchase decision and that your purchase money was well spent and that the vehicle you purchased is safe and reliable.

    Mobile auto mechanic filling out documentation for pre-purchase vehicle inspection.