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    Battery Replacement

    Battery replacement in Honda CRX

    If you have a dead battery and need a replacement in the Anaheim area, Anaheim Mobile Mechanic is your best choice.  We get the most calls for dead batteries and brake jobs.  We take great care in battery evaluations and replacements and get our stranded customers back on the road fast.  Our diagnostic service is top-notch.  Any time you see that your car isn't turning or it is turning over but is doing so very slowly, that is a strong indicator that you have a bad battery.  And just like everything else in your car, batteries have a limited lifespan.  You can expect needing to have to change out your battery every 3-5 years.  Here are all the telltale signs that your car or truck's battery is dead and needs replacement.

    Dead Battery Signs

    Warning Light

    The warning light on your dash lights up.  When the car's internal battery monitor detects problems, most vehicles today consist of an indicator that lights up.

    Engine Won't Turn Over or Turns Over Slow

    Your engine cranks gradually or won't turn over at all.  The function of the battery is to crank the engine by supplying a full dosage of power to the starter.  When the battery is low, it can not deliver that power.  This problem triggers the crank to turn slowly, and you will hear that failure to crank correctly when you engage the starter.

    Radio or Other Electronic Systems Don't Work

    Your radio and other electronic systems don't work. Do not mistake it for small problems. When the ignition remains in the ON position, the battery will run the radio, windscreen wipers, and headlights, among other electronic gadgets.  If electronic systems in your car don't turn on or if your lights are dim before you try to start your car, your battery is not fully charged.

    Battery Swelled

    The battery is fat or inflamed. The maker develops your battery to have a particular footprint, and if the battery swells in size, you ought to have the ability to see it. If you have a bloated battery, the alternator has a defective voltage regulator and has overcharged the battery. This overcharging of the battery is triggered by a buildup of hydrogen gases faster than the battery can dissipate. Damage to the battery has actually already been done and can not be reversed.

    Battery Stinks

    If the battery smells-- This is an indication that your battery is about dead, if it isn't already. Normally, a battery has no smell. If you smell rotten eggs, this is an indication that your battery has actually vented gas. It has actually likewise launched sulfuric acid that might damage other parts of your engine.


    No, not your age, but the age of your battery.  The average life expectancy of an automobile battery is typically between four and six years.  At around the four-year mark, you ought to pay more attention to it.  Have one of our mobile mechanics in Anaheim check it to see how much charge it holds.

    Check Engine Light

    Different from the battery indicator light on your dash, if the check engine light flashes or remains on continuously, that could be a leading indicator that you've got a bad battery and need battery replacement.  Typically, this light determines major issues in your engine that will require expensive upkeep.  But you may get fortunate and discover that it's just your vehicle battery that's bad.